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New Year, New Trends

With 2020 causing countless events to be cancelled, we are hoping 2021 will provide endless celebrations! When planning for this year, keep these ideas in mind.

Green, Green, Green

Toss out the crazy colors and use pieces of simple greenery to add texture to any centerpiece. Use dried plants like eucalyptus or magnolia leaves to add a natural touch. Depending on your location, you can check the grounds around your home to “forage” for evergreen foliage like juniper or ponderosa pine. Consider trimming the branches or grab a few eye catching stems to include in your tablescape.

Light it Up!

Over extravagant decor is not necessary when you have a variety of lighting sources at your event. While more events are being held outdoors, extra lighting is not only a necessity, but also a key design tool! When layering your lighting, consider all the options — market lights with Edison light bulbs, chandeliers, candles, fire pits, fairy lights, marquee signs, lanterns, and more!

Dessert Bars

More and more people are choosing to offer a dessert bar instead of a traditional layered cake at their events. This gives your guests a variety of options so they’ll be sure to find something sweet they love! When planning a dessert bar, consider adding hand pies, cake pops, custom sugar cookies, and dessert shooters. Don’t forget about your guests with dietary restrictions. Skilled bakers will even be able to provide gluten free items that are not only beautiful, but tasty too.

We look forward to helping you use these ideas when planning your next event. Call 219-395-5222 to begin planning.

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